Diversity & Inclusion – The Boards role as ‘agents of change’ - 5th Jan 2023

In this podcast, Dr. Sabine Dembkowski and Professor Randall Peterson discuss the role of the board in promoting diversity in organizations. Professor Peterson explains that although diversity can benefit your business, there is no guarantee that it will unless you embrace it by doing the inclusion work engagement, which is hard to do. Well-managed diversity leads to tangible changes in the culture of how a board operates and interacts (making it more inclusive and collaborative), which has positive effects on the bottom line and corporate value. The three top takeaways are the importance of advocating for diversity, the role of every director in promoting a culture of learning and growth, and identify a diverse set of directors.

The Board As A Change Agent - 30th June 2022

The war for talent has become the top business issue and in response, many business leaders are reviewing their overall business model and employee value proposition. Handling this challenge successfully requires strong leadership from both the executive team and the board. As custodians of the brand, reputation and organisational culture, the board is key to this process, and boards can therefore be powerful ‘agents of change’. In this podcast, Denis Woulfe describes LACA’s 8 foundational principles, which executive teams and boards may wish to consider when developing their own plans.


On 18th May LACA hosted a webinar to discuss their newly launched employer and employee guide. Please click on the image below to see a short video that showcases some highlights from the webinar.