We champion diversity and inclusion at the top levels of business in the UK. Building strong, strategic collaborations, and engaging with senior business leaders to encourage them to step up and make meaningful and measurable differences to their businesses practices.


To take personal responsibility for promoting better diversity and inclusion in your business and striving to achieve the targets set out by the Hampton-Alexander and Parker Reviews.

To promote better diversity and inclusion by sponsoring 1-3 individuals from an underrepresented group within your organisation who have the potential to secure an executive role within 3 years.

To be an active and visible change agent by being a part of the wider business conversation and achieving better diversity and inclusion within your organisation as a result.

Our mission is to actively engage CEOs and other business leaders, encouraging them to view themselves as the necessary ‘change agents’, so that together, we all champion and deliver Boardroom changes which can ultimately benefit wider society.

Emer Timmons
Co-Chair of LACA